Cour du Parc

What is your address?

Your address is:

FLAT NUMBER, Cour du Parc

La Charroterie
St. Peter Port

Who is your Housing Officer?

General Needs and Partial Ownership: Your Housing Officer is Rachel le Flock who can be contacted on 240874 or via email on [email protected]

Key Worker flats: Your Housing Officer is Sarah Jarvis who can be contacted on 240862 or via email on [email protected]

When is bin collection night?

Please ensure your food waste bins are put out on Thursday evenings in good time for collection. Residual waste (black bin bags) are collected fortnightly. If you're unsure which weeks require your black bag to be put out please check here.

When is it recycling night?

Please ensure your recycling is put out on Thursday evenings in good time for collection. If you're unsure which colour bags to put out, please check here.

Asbestos disclosure

The Building known as Cour du Parc contains asbestos material in certain areas of some of the flats. The asbestos material is found underneath the floor screed in the bathroom and kitchen, above the ceiling and within the refuse chutes.

Asbestos does not pose any health hazard so long as it remains encapsulated, intact and is not tampered with.  However, asbestos fibres can be released in the air when building works are carried out such as drilling, scraping, sanding or when the materials containing asbestos are damaged or disturbed.

There is therefore a risk to any Tenant who tampers, damages or breaches the encapsulation or otherwise causes the asbestos materials to be released in the air.

For this reason, amongst others, You (as Tenant) must always seek Guernsey Housing Association's ("GHA") written consent before any alterations, modifications or additions can be made to your Premises (whether structural or otherwise).

GHA has instructed an Approved Asbestos Practitioner in Guernsey who has identified and encapsulated the asbestos and performed a risk assessment at Cour du Parc. 

GHA will monitor the situation on a regular basis and in accordance with the written recommendations of the Approved Asbestos Practitioner.

GHA will make all supporting documentation available to the Tenant upon request.

If a Tenant has been granted permission by GHA to carry out works at their Premises the Tenant (or their contractor) must, without fail, contact their relevant GHA Housing Officer or a member of the Maintenance Team in order to agree a schedule of works in accordance with GHA's Asbestos Management Plan.

Upon the completion of any works, the Tenant (or their contractor) must supply GHA with any and all documentation and information the GHA may reasonably require so that their Asbestos Management Plan and Asbestos Register can be regularly and accurately updated.